Wednesday, September 29, 2010

iPad Case by BOOKED!

This gorgeous leather bound embossed encyclopedia was a lucky find from the local secondhand bookstore. Information in it was kind of out-dated, and it was an 'orphaned' volume.
Since the process was too tedious for me to post it here, I would just show you the end product. I was hyped enough to continually worked on it without too long of a break, so I actually completed it in one day.
Solid frame lined with balsa wood all round, and internally lined with red felt. I ensured that all the buttons were accessible too.iPad inserted.The casing with front cover closed.
Close-up at the openings and balsa wood lining.

I swore that I would continue to work on another cover, more suitable for travel. This is purely for the aesthetic of it because the leather bound embossed cover is too small for other utilities.


James Yong said...

This is beautiful, Pegs. Will you be selling any of your creations to another iPad user ?

Pegs said...

Thanks, James. Of course, and it should all depend on the specifications of it's new owner. Bcoz I am still developing a case for travelling (i.e. with zipper, pockets, etc.), thus hunting for a thicker hardcover book to up-cycle.

Borneoboy said...

Wow ! This looks fantastic Pegs ! Now I have to go get an iPad and beg you to make me one of these !