Friday, March 30, 2012


A ole-skool sundry shop along Padungan Road... I love a busy scene, with a lot of inanimate details.


Last weekend, Ms Yeo, Lee & I went sketching in one of my favourite places ... Kenyalang Park Shopping Centre.  I always go there for my crafting supplies, costuming supplies, junk food, supplies of box sets, etc.  But, this trip is purely sketching ... no shopping.  Mine ...
... and Ms Yeo's sketch.

Sunday Market

A lot of Kuching folks grew up going to the Sunday Market at Satok for fresh produce, like fruits, vegetables, local produce, meat, seafood; all the way to daily sundry, pets, plants and flowers.  It's full of life, color, smell and flavor.  Azie initiated that we should capture the Sunday Market before it is moved, and so we did on 28 March 2012, with some close sketching buddies.

Stopped by Singapore

Recently, in February, on the way to Taipei, Taiwan, we had a day's stop in Singapore.  While waiting at the exit of Chinatown MRT for Stephen to arrive, before meeting Denise & Andy at Kki, I found a spot to sit & sketched.

Bangkok in Sketches

September last year, my husband and I with a group of friends made a trip to Bangkok.  Here are some of the sketches I did while sightseeing and waiting for the group.

 Here's a picture hubby took of me sketching in the yard of Jim Thompson's House, while waiting for our guided tour to start.