Sunday, August 18, 2013

Museum Grounds - Bandstand

Yesterday, Ms Yeo and I went to the Sarawak Museum Grounds for some quiet afternoon sketch. The weather was fantastic for outdoor sketching; sunny yet breezy. 
We picked a bench under a shady tree facing the old bandstand on the museum grounds and sketched. (photo by Sia, who coincidentally was there with Ivy having rojak)
After capturing the main subject itself, I continued working on mine while we were having ais kacang at the nearby Summer House, an old pagoda structure with added overhang that housed stalls selling local desserts like rojak, belacan beehoon, shaved ice concoctions. 
We will be back for the other structures.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't Touch My Phone, I'm Watching You

I am really out of touch with crafting. Since I am so stressed out by the corporate world, I decided to retreat into some express quirky DIY venting. After a lovely kolomee breakfast with my cousin, we went into a craft store, our version of a 'toy store'. I bought some oogly eye appliqué from the discount bin & a tube of glue.
I fixed an old phone cover that was peeling off around it's edges, with the glue.
And decided to spruce up its once boring black cover ... thus, the misadventure begins...