Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flower Power : Rose

I only know that roses have lots of petals. And, based on that I made small petals and stringed them together for this last 'flower' I had to help make.

Each petals with 2 rounded corners were approximately of 9x15cm of pink felt. I repeated for ... erm, I don't remember how many times, but a lot of times. To string them together, I laid them to overlap at the last slit opening.
And, stringed them together with grosgrain ribbon. I didn't managed to get it in pink at the last minute, so I just used cream color.
Now, when I first put it on (before I spread out the petals until my chin), I thought it looked really funny, so I took a photo to show you. And, after all the petals were slowly spread downwards towards my chin ... I still look ridiculous ... and another funny picture to show you.
The leaf was simple. A piece of green felt cut to shape, with 2 bands on the reverse side, and fitted onto the fingers and wrist.

For the others, which I did not document the process, I will just post the pictures of the children wearing it ... when the photos are ready. I am quite sure, they will look better than me modelling it. ;)

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