Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Going Away

Major development in my life. A lot moving-ons and going-aways. Finally, I will be able to do some travelling. All those blank pages will finally get to see some ink! And, I'm getting it dressed for success!!

I took out my passport and sketched out some basic patterns for a passport holder, which includes some card pockets and a slot for the back cover of the passport. (will share the pattern upon request) Traced it onto some jeans fabric, and cut.
Hemmed the top edges for the pockets.
At this point, I knotted the loose threads at the back, for all the pockets.I laid out the card pockets to be equally spaced and after I pinned it in place, I zig-zag stitched the bottom of the pockets, starting with the top pocket. Then, turning it over and knotted the loose thread at the back also. And, repeated the same for the remaining card pockets, top down.With the card pockets all sewn in place, I moved on to the slot for the back cover of the passport. I also added a shallower pocket for smaller items, like boarding passes (maybe). I pinned all the pieces in place, and laid it over the jeans fabric to mark out the holder's cover. I roughly cut it out with about 1 inch seam allowance on all sides.
Before attaching the cover, I zig-zag stitched the sides of the card pockets, which will kinda form the spine of the holder.
Ok, I cheated abit. I used glue. At least it held the edges of inner bit and the cover together ... for me to hem it all around, in zig-zag stitch. And, cut off the excess fabric. I usually add a bit of glue along the edges so it will not fray. (just be careful, it can get messy)The back cover slot was a snug fit!!! Perfect!!! (I take it as a good omen)
Ok, with all the cards & props.Now, who's ready for a over-due getaway? ME!!!