Friday, October 1, 2010

BOOKED! : Line Up - Part 1

This is the line-up from yesterday's haul. If anything catches your eye to be BOOKED! to your specifications, let's talk about it in detail through email.

Art, Culture and Environment
Size (gross): 19.3cm(w) x 24.1cm(h) x 2.6cm(t)

Senior Nurse
Size (gross): 14.5cm(w) x 19.4cm(h) x 2cm(t)
Encyclopedia Athl-Bete
Size (gross): 14.5cm(w) x 21.7cm(h) x 3cm(t)
Eclectic Third Reader
Size (gross): 14..6cm(w) x 22.3cm(h) x 2.6cm(t)

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