Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Special Gift for A Special Friend

Recently I connected with someone who shared almost similar interest and childhood likes with me. It was amazing and almost unexpected to find someone like this halfway across the other side of the world. The most interesting thing is we share almost similar initials "PW".
And so I have decided to make something to commemorate this special friendship and a belated birthday ... the gift is on the way to the new owner ... from one PW to another PW.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Current Issue : Face Mask with Bling

Made another face mask ... flashier ... ;P
I added a little bit of sequins on the fabric. Here's a close-up on the details ... check out the original post with full tutorial, here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Current Issue : Face Mask

The lastest fashion accessory : The Face Mask. It's hitting the streets and jet-setters alike ...

It is definitely not fun in these times of H1N1, with confirmed cases hitting our shores in Sarawak. I have made some fancy mask cover to protect my surgical mask that had been distributed. Below is a set of very basic instruction if you want to make your own.

I took out a surgical mask for dimensions, to ensure it fits. I used some leftover fabrics that I have been saving.

These were my mask dimensions; 17.5cm x 17cm , with 2cm seam allowance. I also marked out the folds. Cut out the fabric as marked and continued marking the middle folds before ironing it down.Here, folds ironed in place, as marked. And a detail shot. Folds of 1cm (underside) and 2cm (overside).
I sewed a straight stitch along both sides to hold the folds in place, before hemming it inwards. Now, I took out a recycled rubber band (that I have been saving up too), measured the length according to the bands on the surgical mask and cut out 2 strips.I sewed it into the top seam allowance and the bottom seam allowance (on the same side). Cut of excess and repeat for the other side. After with, I hemmed the top seam allowance inwards to cover over the band, and repeat for the bottom seam allowance.Done. Placed it over my face (above the nose) and pulled the bottom bit downwards to achieve maximum coverage. It can be stretched all the way down to my neck. For extra precaution, wear the surgical mask underneath this mask.Honestly, its not only for your own protection, but it is also considered polite to wear this if you are having flu/cold. For more info about facemasks & respirators, read here.