Saturday, June 26, 2010

Something Pink

There will be a reunion dinner for my school in July, and the theme is Something Pink. Although I am just gonna go in a Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon pin, I've decided to experiment with something pink, anyways...

Found these wonderful lace trimmings and thought I would test something out on it. I wanted to do a headpiece with some tulle and attached it to a headband. But at the moment, I got something that looks like a doily. I loved it anyways. I loved that it looked vintage.

Here's what I did, I stringed some beads together with the lace, intending for it to cluster together at the end and form a 'centre'.
And I continued for another 10 pearl beads...
At this point, I cut off the extra lace trimming and looped it back to join with 1st bead, and tied it together. And I also stitched the ends of the lace trimming together.
There we go, after the ends had been joined.
Since I thought it looked too constricted, I cut the lace up at the nooks to further define the 'petals'.
I tried to enhance it sideways, so it doesn't look so rounded, by adding extra petals to 2 sides, on opposite ends.
And stitched it on...
Guess that's progress until now, until I decide to work on it some more ... ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

On The Run On My Own

If you had noticed in my previous blog entries about preparations for 'going away', you can now piece it together with my long hiatus ...

My jeans bag and I were inseparable. Everywhere I went, I got a lot of nods for the upcycled bag ... and it's quite a conversation starter. Gave the hat to Charlotte who is a real gem! Brought some other Borneo crafts for friends too.Trace my adventures here ... ;)