Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flower Power : Hibiscus

I literally just made a big red flower, as directly translated from the chinese name for Hibiscus 'ta hung hua' (big red flower). So, I did not make the stigma any hibiscus should have ... lazy & in a rush.

Since all the pieces of red felt we bought were already cut into sizes of approximately 1'x1', I just rounded of 2 corners and added wires offset from those edges, by sewing it in place.
With the 6 slits (for the grosgrain ribbon) I cut across the opposite edge, I stitched 2 slits together lightly to hold the fold, forming sets of 3...
... like so. The previous steps were repeated for the other 4 petals and all 4 were stringed through with red grosgrain ribbon.
Thus, the reverse side and the right side up.

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