Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2012

This morning, I received an email from The Art House Librarian Robot (hihi... cute, rite?) that made me so relieved that I can finally blog about this project that we've been working on.
All 5 of us had been on the edge of our seats since we sent out our labour of love.  Now, I could totally comprehend the agony parents had to deal with parting with their children when they go away to venture the world.  And this was what our Sketchbooks were supposed to do ... to go on The Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour (hopefully) and be on display at the Brooklyn Art Library.
Sketchbook Project 2012 by the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY.  "The Sketchbook Project is a traveling library that archives thousands of artists' sketchbooks from across the globe and shares them with the public. This is where we share all of the incredible work from the shelves." ~

I signed up for the theme "Life Underground" and toyed around with a couple of ideas on how to express myself through the theme on the sketchbook.

Sharing My Passion

Last December, PC published a feature interview with me on her blog, about my love for crafting.  So glad to share this passion with other fellow crafters.  This is part of the effort of "Creating Success Around the World" with their blog interview which is published very Wednesday their host from Europe, Australia, North America and PC, herself, from Asia.
Head on over her BLOG ENTRY on my interview! ;)  Be sure to check out her wonderful crafts as well ... and link up to other creative crafters in her circle!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nice Bottom for CNY

I've seen Chinese Lunar New Year lanterns being decorated from below with spring blossoms.  I figured that since it is not really difficult to be put together, I can save some money for CNY snacks~!!!

Ruffed Xmas Decor in Hair

Last December,  the AhMah Mafias decided to have our Xmas dinner at The Dyak.  I decided to make everyone something as a Xmas present.  So instead of a party hat, I made us hairbands with felt flowers.