Sunday, September 12, 2010

Don't Be A Chicken! It's Just Hen's Nite!

Yes, it's another pink-colored project! This were the ingredients Belinda and I put together from the craft store this morning at Kenyalang Park. The hairband was from the jewellery and accessories store.
This went back 4 years ago (2006), when I made a veil for my sister's hen's night. She married the guy with the bib which I made too. Sarah's her best friend/bridesmaid.
And now, it's Belinda's sister's turn to get hitched. So we are throwing her a hen's night. I started working on the veil, when I got home with the materials. Cut 2 pieces of 30"x30" pink tulle and lay them parallel with 2" distance from the edges. This will define the layers of the veil from the back
Then from the middle, I pleated the tulle in by strips of 1" and used pins to hold them in place when I sewed them down. I did 2lines of backstitching at the distance of double the headband thickness (you'll see why later).
And I repeated the same on the other half. When you refer to the picture below, you'll see that the tulle are folded over the headband where the 2 lines of backstitching will meet up. I'll use this as a guide to secure the tulle onto the headband.
Garnish. Belinda selected wonderful colored (fake) gemstones. I lined them out first before deciding on the best composition, and then sewing them onto the tulle. After that, I returned the tulle, with the gemstones all sewn on, to the headband. Folded it over and hand-stitched the tulle to the headband following the backstitching.
And ... voila! Everything secured in place without glue! So that parts can be recycled for other purposes/projects, if need to, eventually.
Are you ready, Audrey? ;)


James Yong said...

Nice blog, Pegs. Do u do the clothing design professionally?

Pegs said...

thanks James ;)
clothing design? not professionally. mainly costuming and crafts, although I love watching the fashion industry.
professionally, I'm an architect

Anonymous said...

hi peggy che,

wow just saw this entry. so much work in making it. thank you so much for the wonderful effort!fred looks really cute in it! xx audrey