Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Capt Cyke : Badge of Office

As the crew of an airship, Georgette made us Badge of Office! This post is a tribute to the badges she (and some of us) made, since she hadn't posted anything about it. Below is G adding the final touches at my place.
Some of them were done at Maggie's, with Aline.
Badges of The Argos.
top-bottom: The Captain, The Doctor, The Machinist & The CookI thought they were absolutely amazing, so I decided to wear it to work today! and when asked, I just said "My friend made it for me" :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Capt Cyke : Entourage on board The Argos

top (l-r) : Crew of The Argos -
Lucky Liz ; Capt Cyke ; Dr C J Morta ; Aline Cook

middle (l-r) : Cartographers -
Sir Mylo Worthington ; Ms Julia Phillips

bottom (l-r) : Mercenaries -
Kelvinus 'Blue' Pfizer ; The General ; Ual Nala The Mysterious

(I made up some of the names as I go along ... :P)

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