Monday, June 30, 2008

Old Jeans = New Bag

While was rummaging through her old clothes to look for materials and fabric for a patchwork, I saw a pair of old jeans amongst her pile. When she agreed to let me have it for my little projects, I went scissors-crazy. After I have sewn the legs together, I showed my husband the bag (without the straps yet) and he said "hey, it's my Levi's!" Too bad, it's now my jeans bag project, haha!

Cutting off the legs, to sew the bottom for the bag.
Sewing the straps from the leftover fabric of the leg piece. The handstitching detail was mainly because the fabric got too thick for my sewing machine.... and the zipper ... ... and voila! So conveniently positioned! Gotta love the pockets, so handy.

Technology.The Old. The New.

I looked at my sewing station and it just amuses me to see that my new sewing machine is on top of the stand from an old sewing machine (converted to the study room computer table stand), with the foot pedals both side by side.
Amused, I wiki-ed 'Sewing Machine' and further amused myself with the mechanism of this wonderful piece of Technology;

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Project Flea Market

Yesterday, G texted me a message that triggered of another set of creative alarms. Next project after M's wedding will be flea market.

I think it may be a good way to start putting all my hobby produce and crafts to work for my wallet, erm ... purse. Since most of my other craft experiments had been piling up and lying around the house. It should be a good way for us to de-clutter our mess and put it to good use.

I quickly dug out a few inspirations online. Stuff I have seen before and other new related links. Stuff I had in mind were shopping/grocery bags, tote bags, laptop sleeves and luggage tags ... at least for now.

This should set the Self-Taught-Sewing-Machine-Operator in motion ... for awhile.