Sunday, September 26, 2010

Animal Farm : Chicken

Do the chicken dance!!! I was in a hurry and therefore, I didn't manage to document the steps properly ... and so ... I can only describe it now.
Crown : I glued to pieces of red felt together by applying glue to the shape of the top of the crown. Then, I cut it to shape, sewed around the top and stuffed it with small pieces of left over felt. For the headband, I cut 2 small slits, 1 on each piece of the crown, for the headband to slide through. Later, with another piece of elliptical red felt cut out, I stitched shut the crown.

Beak : Randomly, I folded cardboard to this shape and just finished it with yellow felt. Dotted in the 'nostrils' with black marker, and opened 2 small holes to string the elastic band through.

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