Friday, October 31, 2008

Capt Cyke : Mecha Monocle

Happy Halloween!!!

As Capt Cyke has only one good eye, the other eye need to be mechanically enhance for better vision and focus.

I looked around the house for something I could modify into a monocle. And, I understand why they say the best inspiration comes from 'toilet' time.
I sprayed the plastic detergent nozzle with copper spray paint.

About fastening it, I went to the hardware store and got this copper looking metal 'band' thing, where you can screw it to tighten and to loosen.

I made up my own eye patch pattern to suit the size of my monocle base. Roughly sketched it up on a paper and traced it unto the reverse side of some fake leather scraps from a furniture refurbishing store.

Below, a picture of a couple of the basic materials I used to spruce up the mecha monocle.
I cut a smaller round hole in the eye patch and then cut flaps towards the outer ring. I slotted the eye patch through the plastic nozzle and fitted the metal band in. Here you can see the copper color is shaded and toned down by a gold colored marker, to give it some rustic look.I attached the D-rings to the other 3 flaps on the eye patch and tied some ribbon to hold it around my head. For 2 of those flaps, I used metal hooks as clip-ons from the ribbon.The Mecha-monocle!!!Capt. Cyke in civilian clothing and her 'EYE'!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Briareos Brontes Gunn, had gone off to seek fortune.
Now, returned with her Argonauts, she is rich and influential ... she is Capt. Cyke of S.S. Argos.