Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spring Frame Pouch

Digging through my pile of crafting stock, I found that leftover microfiber fabric from my Couch Makeover project, some felt and spring frames I bought from Daiso.  So, I decided to put it all together for a pouch.  I was supposed to make pouches/containers for all the small loose items on my desk anyways.

I measured onto the microfiber fabric and cut it with some seam allowance on all sides.  I allowed the bottom of the pouch to be wider, so I can sew up the bottom corners allowing the pouch for a thicker base.  The pouch opening is measured to size of the spring frame.  In this case it is a 12cm(L) frame, and so, I allowed 11.5cm(W) for the rim of the pouch.
I sewed on 2 strips of brown felt as casings* on each sides of the pouch, to insert the spring frame.
(*Casings are created as tunnels through which elastics or in this case, spring frame, is threaded.)
The spring frame was quite easy to insert if the space allowance within the casing was adequate.  I used a pair of pliers to pressed in all the loose metal corners & flaps, in case they get caught within the casing.
On the otherside of the casing, it should come through just nice, without too much of the spring frame exposed.  I assumed gathers are still acceptable on the spring frame is the casing is too long, but it might allow gaps at the opening and it is not good for keeping things that might fall through.
With the pin provided in the pack, I inserted it through both the metal hinges.
I used the pliers to fold the metal flap that encased the pin into the hinges.
Quick and simple.  A pouch I now used to my little stamp pad & the loose alphabet rubber stamps.


Serenely said...

Nice one! Great alternative to zippers. Wonder where I can find spring frames here...

Pegs said...

Serene: maybe Spotlight has them?

StephieSays said...

This is what I have been looking for~ looks great! I am trying to find the spring frames on the but cannot. Any suggestions? Thanks so much