Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Couch Make-over

The couch at home is in dire need of a new outfit. The one it came in 5-6 years ago is looking dowdy and blotchy from food stains. So last December, we went fabric hunting and ended up choosing this patterned micro-fibre fabric. Some commented that the patterns looked like chrysanthemum flowers. Bought 10meters of it (60" width).

Spread it all out on the floor (biggest workspace ever) and started measuring away from the existing cushions.
Recorded the measurements, in the only way I know how to. Categorised & coded the pieces. And started sewing. It was pretty straight forward I must say, for most of the pieces. Panel with zipper, and the rest of the panels. I was so glad that the fabric didn't stretch too much. So it pretty much held its measurements.

Voila, the 1st new cushion cover ...
... and another one of the same measurements.
Next day, 3 more of the same measurements.
Over the next couple of days, some more ... and finally ... finished!!!
Mmmm ... I love 'swimming' on the finished couch ... smooth micro-fibre surface .... bliss!

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