Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alternative Wallets

I was at Bloom Bazaar this morning.  This is one of the first, if not, few craft & second-hand goods bazaar in Kuching.  At least I hope it will grow into a fair eventually.  I didn't have enough materials to set up a stall but I still went to check out the bazaar. I bought a vinyl-coated canvas wallet similar to the Mighty Wallet®.
Let's talk a bit more about my worn-out Mighty Wallet®, which now looked like this ...
Since it is made of microfiber Tyvek® material, it had gone a bit 'furry' with use, but still tough & without tear.  (I have more new ones stashed for the future, muahaha ... )
I'm going to make a comparison between the Mighty Wallet® & the vinyl-coated canvas wallet.  Here's my Mighty Wallet®, outside & inside.
And here's the vinyl-coated canvas wallet, outside & inside.
Mighty Wallet® has 2 large pockets for cash & receipts, 2 card pockets on the inside and 2 quick-access card pockets between both later mentioned pockets (accessible when wallet is closed).  While the vinyl-coated canvas has only 1 large pocket, it also has 2 card pockets on the inside and 2 quick-access card pockets, accessed just like the Mighty Wallet®.
The 2 large pockets of the Mighty Wallet® ...
... and the only large pocket of the vinyl-coated canvas wallet. 
Here's a comparison between the thickness of both without contents.  
I figured that this is mainly because of the material choice.  And the canvas wallet has a thicker edge (noticeable at the side quick-access pockets) because of the folds.
Nonetheless, I kinda like the canvas wallet too.  There were some with very interesting prints too.  And not to mention, so much cheaper.  An original Mighty Wallet® is available USD15 online, while I bought the vinyl-coated canvas wallet from the Bazaar at MYR25 (~USD8). 


Serenely said...

is that actually fabric or did you 'do' something to the paper so you could work with it?

Pegs said...

Serene: I did nothing. this is a product review.

Borneoboy said...

Hi Peggy. Pardon my ignorance, but where is Bloom Bazaar ?

Pegs said...

Hi Chee Wee. It was a one weekend bazaar. The organizer will try to organize it regularly, for small businesses, especially for hand crafted & pre-owned stuffs ... Will let you know if there is another one coming up.

Flavio said...

Hi, could you please tell me what's written on the box of the vinyl-coated canvas wallet? I'd like to able to google it.