Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ruffled Pink in Hair

I never really did ruffles before, but remember that Gette and I tried out some felt bouquets 3 years ago, so I decided to try it out again with some pink felt I had from my stash.
Decided that adding some champagne colored tulle to the felt will soften the bright hot pink.

Based on a 6.5cm diameter circle template, I cut out about 8 pieces of circular felt pieces.
And 8 more pieces of the tulle, by using the felts as template by sandwiching the tulle in between.
Matching all 8 circular felt to one circular tulle each ...
... by lining the inside with tulle ... 
... and fold it in half and half again.
I did a stitch at the tip to hold the fold ...
... and added more felt ruffles.
View from the topside.
After stringing all 8 together, it became a bouquet.
On the reverse side, I glued the base tips of all the ruffles to a felt piece.  From here on, you can either attach ruffles to a hairclip ...
... or pin it into your hair with hairpins; from the top of the hairbun, or wear it below a low hairbun.

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