Friday, January 23, 2009

Capt Cyke : Tweed Vest with Brass Details

This is a vest I made for last Halloween, when I went as Capt Cyke. I have been meaning to write about it during Halloween last year, and obviously it didn't happen until now.

It was hacked from a long dress I bought from the Salvation Army thrift store. It was some kind of tweed/wool material. Since I need the overlap at the front of my vest, I decided to use the bottom of the dress which was wider. I drew a line across, allowing the length of it to suit my torso.
After I cut along the line, I picked the bottom seam and the seam at the back split of the dress apart, to reveal it as a long strip. With the whole length of it, and roughly sketched the pattern right on top of it, and cut. I decided that the back should have a different kind of fabric. I tried to line up the other existing seams to my bustline (top to bottom). It was a flat front panel, which I later added darting for contouring it into the perfect fit.
For the back panel, I took out the leftover satin fabric that I saved from my Roman costume.
Again, without an existing pattern, I took out one of my jacket, and traced the back pattern off of it, and right onto the satin fabric. It was about 4 pieces, all luckily within the size of the leftover fabric.Then, I joined the front panels and the back piece together. From my side seams, this is the kind of fabric effect I intended for, in the same color, yet in different texture.At this point, I tried it on, inside out, and pinned up the side seams until I got my desired fitting, which include darting at the bust. After that, I sewed it all together and finished hemming all the ends.
The end result, after I added a bit more details at the front and at the back. And of course, the collar in tweed material.
For the front, I used brass buckles, D-rings and fabric straps, which were made from leftover fabrics from my wrap pants project. Again, same color, different texture. For the position and setting out of the straps and buckles, I had to put on the vest and sketch it on in front of a mirror, until I was satisfied. (note the white chalk markings behind the buckles)And for the back, I found some really interesting brass chain (I am not quite sure what it is exactly used for), and attached it to the back with the same kind of straps I used for the buckles in front. Due to the weight of brass chain, I lightly sewed it onto the middle seam so it would hold its place.On Halloween 2008, I wore it over my blouse which had a cravet-like detail. Spunked it up with my mecha-monocle, badge-of-office, pin-stripe pants and my old boots. (Since I only had time to make one side of a spats, so I didn't end up wearing it)

This is C J Morta & Capt Cyke.


Wendy Wong said...

is that a new camera??

Pegs said...

nolah! one of my job's project's camera. not mine.