Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Wrap Pants

I made some modifications to my earlier wrap pants pattern. A much simplified version, with less pieces. From 8 pieces to 4 pieces.

1) Red & Orange - sew the reds together, and the oranges together. Both of the same piece.
2) Green & Blue - sew the green on one piece to the green on the other piece. And repeat for the blue. At this point you'll have the legs.
3) Cyan & Magenta - sew the cyan on one piece to the cyan on the other piece. And repeat for the magenta, until it becomes a loop.
4) Yellow - attach the top piece to the bottom, all along the yellow line.This time, I tried it with separate colored cotton silks, and this is for Irene. (fabric F&G from Fabric Galore entry)

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Unknown said...

Will these measurements work for a man?