Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lunar New Year : Obi-belt

Every Lunar new year, since I was very small, there is a tradition of wearing new outfits for the celebration. This year, I decided to make something to spruce up my new dress, since it was black color, which is kind of an inauspicious color to wear for the celebration. I decided to make an improvised version of an Obi-belt ... on the eve of the Lunar new year!

I used the leftover orange colored fabric from Irene's wrap pants, and the teal colored fabric for my wrap pants. For the feature, I used fabric 'I' from my Fabrics Galore entry. I sewed the orange-colored fabric into 3-layer 88cm(L) x 15cm(W) base. The ends were tucked in ...
... and sewn across the end-side. Across the 15cm width, I marked every 1cm.Then, I sewed the sides of the base piece, long-side, spaced at 1cm apart as marked earlier. After that, I took out the patterned fabric and measured it against the base piece.I cut the patterned fabric, to be sewn into a smaller 2-layer 72cm(L) x 13cm(W) feature piece. Later, the feature piece was pinned in place, right in the center of the base piece, and sewed both long-sides, onto the base piece.
Then it was the teal colored fabric, sewn into yet another smaller 3-layer 79cm(L) x 5cm(W) belt loop. Repeated the 1cm spacing straight stitch long-side. After that, I placed it on top, in the center, of the feature piece and pinned in place. At this point, the obi-sash is taking shape.
Repeated the 1cm spacing straight stitch long-side, again, but all throughout the width of the whole obi-sash. I used only the orange colored thread, so it would add to the detailing as the different types of fabric piled on. An overall view of the 1cm spaced straight stitch. When I reached the teal colored belt loop that was held in place with pins, I just stitched right across on both sides.
After finishing the straight stitches, I made a 2-layer 187cm long ribbon-belt from some more teal colored fabric, and stringed it through the belt loop with a big paper clip.Inching the paper clip with the end of the ribbon-belt all the way through and then, centered it to exposed almost equal length of the ribbon-belt at both ends.Here we are, on the first day of the Lunar calendar. I wore it with the ribbon at the back. Against my all black ensemble, the obi-belt stood out like an alarm.As the day progresses and a lot of foody goodies later, I swung the ribbon in front. *wink*Gong Xi Fatt Chai to everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

That looks really nice.

I see that Mimi decided that he wanted in on the action. Or is that Momo?

Pegs said...

it was also good to give the dress a waistline.
and, that is Mimi's doppleganger ... MOMO!!! ;P

Crafterella said...

Hey there,

Kim has added their version of your project on crafty community Cut Out + Keep and we thought you might like to see how it turned out.

You can see their version and also import your project here (that way you'll find out when any new versions are added) :

Crafterella :)

Pegs said...

Thanks Crafterella. I am joining Cut Out + Keep community ... looks like a ground for me to interact with other crafters ;)

Julia V. said...

Hi, just arrived from cut out and keep and would love to make me a version... I have just a question, how did you found the lenght mesures? I ask because it strikes me that the bigger piece has 88cm lenght although you look really thin (i.e. i'd say your waist would be at 65cm tops!) and the bigger part doesn't even closes at the waist.

Did you take the waist mesures leaving a 10cm gap at the center? Or how did you do it? Thank ya and congratulations on this gorgeous piece!

(i'll post this comment on CO&K also to be sure you get it since it's an old post, sorry for the double posting..)

Pegs said...

Hi Julia,
You've been quite observant. Indeed the belt does not meet when worn on my waist.
Try notice the belt when not worn, on the picture of the completed belt. I actually allowed for the overlapped, where the mid-strip of teal does not run the length of the orange strip. But, when I wore it on, I tried it with the extended folded inwards, to see if the teal ribbon is highlighted or should I try a different colored ribbon. ;)
Yup, so it very much up to how much coverage you want. If you need it longer, you can join the fabric lengthwise, since there is so much straight stitch lengthwise & also there will be other layers on it so you won't notice the seams.
Have fun! Be sure to post a link to your completed obi! I would like to see your completed version! ;D