Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Converted into Jewellery Box

It's spring cleaning time again, and I am clearing up my dressing cabinet, when I got really annoyed with my accessories which I keep in vintage bowls on the dresser top all gathering dust. So I decided to store them in a box.

Hunted around and found in my stash of "possible projects", 2 boxes Irene gave to me when she bought ginseng. They were sturdy boxes which I thought would be a waste to throw away.

I cut up partition strips of strawboard where the width equals to the depth of the box. 3 of them, the length equals the width of the box and 1 the same length with the box. I got the idea from my beading box where the partition are removable. I also cut into the boards at the intersection, just as shown in the picture below. I glued the long strip in place and the smaller strips for the 'tracks'. And insert the removable strips when the glue dried.Ta-dah! A new home for my accessories, some I made, some bought, some given.I didn't like the original images on the box, so I covered it up with leftover wallpaper, which we used for the feature wall in my room.

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