Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wrap Pants

My most comfortable pair of pants ... is getting really old & shabby. I will continue wearing it until it rips apart. Meanwhile, I have made another one based on my own pair, with a few modification to the pattern, for economic use of fabric.

My parents told me before that my grandfather who came from China, wore this kind of wrap pants a lot. I know why.

I recorded all the measurements taken off the existing pair of pants. Before planning to cut on it.
2 nos of A ; 4 pieces of B ; 2 pieces of C (I hope the scan is clear enough to see the dimensions)
Joining 2 Bs together as shown below along the red line, twice; one for the front and one more for the back. Then I attached A to BB (ref pic); As are the side panels. Folding the As half, I attached the last piece of BB.
Then, I attached the waist piece (C). I kept the joints for CC, aligned with the joints for BB. Finally, I tucked and hemmed all the exposed edges.
To wear the pants (since the waistline is bigger), I'll have to overlap it in front, and fold down twice, to secure it in place. You can try variations of how to wear them, but this is the method I am very used to and it is really quick.Here, I am seen parading in front of the mirror again. I have worn it to the office too!


Joanne said...

so do you take orders?
can you make me one too?
hehehe.. :P

Pegs said...

hihihi ... can ... but u seem much taller than me ...i think i need to add a bit more, this is very much my height ...

Unknown said...

mine are wearing out and i want to make my own, I think your pattern would be too small for me though...possible to get help adjusting measurements?

aidabach said...

Can you adjust the front and back curve to make bigger panels on the back and smaller in the front? Can you adjust the crotch seam to avoid pressing when climbing upstairs?