Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Roman Ruins : Part 2 - MAXIMUS TESTOSTERUS

Maximus is a renowned military commander - a master of warfare. His battles against the Gauls are already becoming legend. He has little use for such intellectual conceits as trickery and delicate subterfuge, but instead has built his reputation on bold, head-on attacks. With Mars, the god of war, fighting on his side, his armies crash through enemy ranks like a massive fist, flattening everything in sight. He is proud, with a no-nonsense personality, rugged good looks and a truly intimidating physique.
[extracted from character description in the Guest List]
Costume Suggestion: Orange tunic with armor breastplate and centurion helmet.

Okay, mine's not exactly orange and there is no centurion helmet. May get to make it some day. But for now, I did the following from cardboard box for the breastplate and red cloth for the 'skirt'. I figured that any red t-shirt should suffice for the top.

Freehand-sketched the breastplate and cut 2 pieces. I painted the 'abs' on later with brown postercolor paint.
Drew and trace multiple flaps for lower part. And cut.Making a loop over the top narrower end allows it to be stringed onto a belt. Piece of cardboard for the loops were stapled in place.

After all the components are in place, we painted it. For a touch of glamour, I drew on the trims with a gold paint pen.

The red tunic under, was actually made of the red cloth. I just sewed it into a 'sarong' (wrap skirt).

No pictures to show the process, but I attached the front and the back breastplate pieces with 2 gold/red colored straps. Later I added the gold lion-faced (gaudish) buttons on the front breastplate. The front and the back pieces were held in place with another belt.
And instead of the centurion helmet, I just gave him a laurel leaf head band.
(seeing the friend in the above picture, we probably have to scrap the "He is proud, with a no-nonsense personality, rugged good looks and a truly intimidating physique" part)

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Anonymous said...

nice work!

this looks really good!

can you tell how you did the girl costume?


Pegs said...

I have just added the link under this post for all Roman Costumes related posts. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.