Monday, September 22, 2008

A Different Kind of Fabric

Recently I have been involve in a different type of Weekend Project, not of cloth, but of a different kind of fabric. This is the first time I write about something other that my craft hobby. This is related more to my mainstream work, which I do take passion in that I decide to share it.
In hopes of preserving the existing fabric, we did measured drawings and documentation of the existing structures along the Old Markets along Gambier Street. Education and Awareness (plus nostalgic sentiments, we hope) will save these remnants of Old Kuching waterfront. At least, I will be able to tell our next generation of what our heritage was, through our documentations.
I actually found myself enjoying the talks and walks, I gave to young people; getting them to identify old buildings and monuments. Telling them about the hey-days and those handed-down stories. I realised that kids this generation knows nothing about old Kuching buildings. So, if we don't start being conscious about our culture and heritage, soon, our history and heritage will be just stuffs of myths and legends.Now, a walk down memory lane and the current state.
The Old Fish Market & Vegetable Market at Gambier StreetInterior of The Old Fish Market (before, full of life)Interior of The Old Fish Market (abandoned and left to rot)Interior of The Vegetable Markets (before, full of life)
Interior of The Vegetable Markets (abandoned and left to rot)

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