Monday, August 11, 2008

Roman Ruins : Prologue

After salivating, for the longest time ever, over hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner, I finally requested my sister's help in getting one of those box sets for me. She chose How To Host A Murder® - Roman Ruins (with CD).

So I did my homework and watched 'Rome' Season 1 & 2 (the best series ever). I got my inspiration from the costumes in the movie, and thought up a simplified version of those costume and also sketched out possible dinner settings/props.Knowing that some of those people I will invite may find making the costume 'troublesome', I offered to prepare everything for them. I hope this is just my own excuse for justifying my need to sew. I will document every costume I am going to make, until we have the Dinner.

Before I got started with the costumes, I whipped up a 3D model of the scene based on the map/house plan provided in the box set.

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