Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ruffed Xmas Decor in Hair

Last December,  the AhMah Mafias decided to have our Xmas dinner at The Dyak.  I decided to make everyone something as a Xmas present.  So instead of a party hat, I made us hairbands with felt flowers.

Similar to the felt flowers I did for the ruffled felt collar, I did the 'ruffled bouquet' with randomly trimmed petals along the edge.   This time in 3 colors; light blue, teal & purple.  I added pearl beads when I attached the sewn bouquets onto the slim metal hairband.
My intention was not to have it too protruding, but yet subtly present, with the contrasting colors to our hair.
Here are the ladies, with the hairbands.  The restaurant owner helped us with this group picture after the dinner.  It was fun catching up. 

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