Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nice Bottom for CNY

I've seen Chinese Lunar New Year lanterns being decorated from below with spring blossoms.  I figured that since it is not really difficult to be put together, I can save some money for CNY snacks~!!!
I bought some basic red lanterns (MYR35 a pair), and bouquet of plastic/fabric spring blossoms (MYR3.50).  As the base inside the twigs were in metal wires, I used pliers to cut off all the shorter sprigs, from the bouquet, and divided them between both lanterns. I used the glue to make sure the fabric flowers were secured to the sprigs, as they are just plugged on.
Since the lantern is also made of fabric, I sewed the sprigs of spring blossoms on.  It was quite easy with the lanterns being hollow, while maintaining their cylindrical shape by having their circular hoops on (even without fully extended by the metal frame).
I used a brown thread so it would blend in ... like so ... 
At the end, I spruced it up with some fabric leaves from the bouquet, just to balance out the colors.

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