Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Finally Spat It Out

I spent today's public holiday at home tidying up my crafting stash and found more stuff I need to decide what to to with them.  I stumble on some of my unfinished steampunk ensemble; i.e. the one sided spats (as mentioned in this blog entry).  So I decided to push myself to complete these spats...
... just to realised that I lost the pattern (pfft!), so I decided to start from scratch. 

I pinned 2 pieces of fabric to fit my ankle & traced on 1 side only.  Then, I cut up the outline for the spats.
I retraced the high spats pattern for a lower pair, this time.  The vertical lines are where the fabric overlaps, for the button or other fasteners.   So the same pattern can be used for all 3 pieces on each side of the spats.
I traced the pattern on the denim fabric I have from previous projects (without seam allowance).
I only cut the pieces with seam allowance along the vertical joints, because I was going to use bias tape for the edges.
Above is when the vertical joints are done with double top stitch seam, looking kind of warped; and below is when the front flap is closed.
So, I did one continual length of bias tape for the edge...
... found out that I didn't have enough of the same bias tape for the other side of the denim spats, because I had used them before.  Determined to finish a pair of spats, I used some more left over fabric from the steampunk costuming of The General's outfit.  I hacked off the sleeves off some pinstripe jacket we bought from a thrift store, back then.  I opened up the side stitching and spread it out to cut up some more spats pieces.
After the process went the same like what I did with the denim pair, I added embellishments & buttons. This time I used a brand new roll of cotton bias tape, and had just the right amount to go around both sides of this pair of pinstripe spats.
I added the brass studs on the corners and made 3 buttonholes.
Adding these brass buttons for denims, by puncturing through the pin from behind ...
... and after I have inserted all the pins, I moved on ...
... to hammering it into the button.
It's actually quite easy, but I still need to do it slowly by aligning it top to bottom, or else you'll just end up with skewed pins ...
There!  All done!
I'm kind of happy with this pair, but I think I might modify the pattern a bit more ... next time.
Meanwhile, this pair works well with flats ...
... and heels too.

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