Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthday Special: World Architecture & Habitat Day

This year's first Monday of October for World Architecture Day & World Habitat Day, coincided with my birthday.  Combining both my loves, architecture & crafting (with recycling), I did my part in contributing to the public installation of 'Cardboard City' at The Spring shopping mall.  Essentially, it highlighted that basic shelter is every human's right.  Min's entry on the project here.

Earlier in the week, I collected plastic soymilk bottles (drank by my colleagues) and asked my friend Alvin from Just Light, to help me wired it up for the installation.
The glowing soymilk bottles against the patchwork of recycled cardboard boxes, with the shopping cart thrown in for the 'hobo' look.  The cart happened out of necessity when Sasha, our institute's admin lady, carted architecture books from her car.  PAMSC, the local chapter for architect's institute, hosted this installation and for the launch, they invited the city mayor with architecture books to be donated to the city council library.
Min coordinated some of his students to build the 'Cardboard City' after closing hours and through to 6am.  The lights were installed by Alvin's guys the next morning in time for the launching.  Since this was meant to be a work in progress, Joseph and I build a cardboard chair to add to the installation.
We cut up the cardboards into strips of 45x15cm, 30x15cm & 15x15cm pieces.  We then stacked them up like puzzle pieces.  (Cecilia took the photos of me slaving away)
I love the sides of the chair which exposes the corrugated sections of the cardboard pieces.
Here we are, testing the strength of the chair.
Sit on it like a 'taukey' or a 'Thinker'.
Irene helped me transport it to the 'Cardboard City' installation and Sasha's now sitting on it like a 'taukeynio' (ladyboss), next to the high table Melvin & I constructed.
The installation will be there until this Friday, 7 Oct 2011.  Do drop in and have a look this week.  Also, ask for a pen/marker from Sasha and show your support.


Anonymous said...

belly good, peggy sue, i love the way you simple and clear

Pegs said...

I know it's you Celia!!! Thanks!

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