Sunday, July 20, 2008

World Music with Style

This week, since my index finger is out of commission (accidentally slam car door on it while attempting to carry loads of stuff), I have decided to report on my alteration of the Festival t-shirt. And, since the festival is over the weekend, this is also considered my Weekend Project.
When we got our 'work' t-shirts for the Festival early, I figured out that it is not as flattering as it should be. It is already a size 'S', but it still very loose. I guess 'S' means body stature not body girth in this case.
Anyhow I have decided to customize mine. I took another Festival t-shirt I love and overlay it on the one I was about to alter. Marking the new seamline with chalk while the t-shirt is inside out. All the way up the side, curve it under the armpit.
Then I just sewed along the markings. Of course leaving the sleeves still open. Since I was too lazy to hem the sleeves, I just cut it off to make a cap sleeve. Since it's TC/cotton, it won't fray anyway. Flipped it inside out and cut off the excess fabric.
Voila, the before and the after picture.Next, I rummaged through my wardrobe for a sarong I have been meaning to wear (but-where-to). I have had it since last July (2007). It was in my DatumKL's conference pack. I think it was because of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and since DatumKL is an international event, Tourism Malaysia sponsored gifts for the participants.
Anyway, it was a piece of gorgeous black and lime green batik kain lepas (ends not sewn together). So, I just pulled both ends together and sewed it all the way through to make myself a Sarong.
Simple, quick, decent and ready to go to Rainforest World Music Festival in style (since I'm working anyway).


Gette said...

I'd wear t-shirts if they were all shaped like the Penang baby tees. Guess some hacking is in order!

Pegs said...

yes, you should use the shirts u like as a template for hacking them others into 'shape'. LOL
I said 'decent' coz I cant understand ppl who goes to the festival with bikinis and skimpy tops, waiting for 'accidental' nipslips to happen!