Sunday, July 13, 2008

Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion

What do you do with socks that are no longer a pair?Somehow, one side seemed to always disappear into the washing machine or the dryer. So with all the one-sided socks left, I have made one into a pin cushion. Something definitely useful for me now that I am sewing more.Instead of the conventional blob of a pin cushion, I made one which could double up for my spell casting sessions, one in the shape of a voodoo doll ... a stuffed fat voodoo doll.
First, I rolled a lump of polyester doll stuffing and pushed it right into the end of the sock (I shall call it in singular form from now onwards). Then I tied a knot around it and stitched it through a good amount of times, to make sure the filling stays in place. Then, the eyes. One side was just a stitch and the other a loose button.Okay, now for the arms. Sewn 2 layers of sock fabric together in a 'U' shape and cut it out. Repeated for the other arm. Then, flipped it over and stuffed it with filling.Holding the open end or the arm, I pinched it into place and sewed it on from the inside.Preparing a bigger ball of polyester filling for the body.Figured that I should give him a little nip&tuck, I sewed portions of the fabric from the inside, kind of like darting. Gave him the stuffing and sewed it in. At the bottom, I gave him legs by splitting the fabric and hemmed the sides.To hold the pincushion on my wrist for flexibility and easy access to pins, I made a strap also from the excess sock fabric. Flipped it inside out and added the velcro. Since the velcro worked fine with only the 'hooky' side, I did not add the 'carpet-ty' side. Sewed the strap to the back of the doll and we have a Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion.Parading around with IT on my wrist. MUAHAHAHAH....


BadKittyProductions said...

Hmmm... Cool!
I have made a couple of voodoo doll looking sock dolls, but have never thought of making one into a pin cushion!
Keep up the good work!

BadKittyProductions said...
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Unknown said...

Nice now I can control my the girl that wanna kill me