Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dresshack : Wedding

A while ago, Gette, Mag & I worked on a "DressHack" project. It was Gette's idea to have an unconventional bridal gown that allows us to trash it without worrying about the bridal dress rental deposit at a Bridal Store. Gette, the ring-leader, told us that Edwin will photograph it.

With a deadline given, we gathered discarded fabrics, secondhand curtains, towels, throw-rugs, and so forth from the thrift store. Mag salvaged her clothes from the dark corners of her wardrobe. Armed with assorted sewing gears, we were well on our way.

A typical technical discussion during our sessions would go like this:
G: Did you just cut that?
P: Yup.
M: What would that be for?
(looked at each other)
P: Dunno yet.
G & M: (shrugged) ok ...
P, M & G: Yay, it starting to look less like a towel!!! (clap! clap!)

At that time, I cringed when I am referred to as the 'seamstress' because I have not really used the sewing machine after I bought it. At the store, the lady there was surprised when I asked her to show me how to use it, citing that I never sewed.

So I kept reinforcing that this is a craft project. At one point, Gette called it 'dresshacking'. And so it is.

First time I had the liberty to just cut up any fabric, as though I know what I am doing, sew a zipper, made a duct-tape dummy and sew on my sewing machine. We were so proud of our creations that we constantly find ourselves marvel over what we can conjure up for instant gratification, which really does motivate us to keep moving on.

Almost each night, for one intensive week of dress hacking, we came up with 2 dresses for Mag. Allan wore his own stuff for the shoot.

Edwin and Shen were the first privileged ones to capture our franken-bridaldress-stein. Then came my turn to experiment ... (the amateur underwater photographer)

From Gette's drier point of view, here.


Gette said...

The edits look good!

edwin lay said...

I love how you refer Gette as the RING LEADER hahahaha... macam mafia

a n n n a said...

the underwater shots are so beautiful..

Irene aka Sweet Surrender said...

Ah... Nice! Good thing both are good swimmers else it's not possible to do this session. Mag looks like a mermaid in that dress hehehe...


Joanne said...

Nice.. very nice..
it's interesting how 3 of the ppl that i know from different walks of life was involved in this project!
say hi to Gette and Shen for me..

Anonymous said...

So beautifully taken !! Loving those pics :)

Pegs said...

thanks to all for the kind comments. I was lucky because I had very good models.

RoNa BuLaN TRaNG said...

haha..i know that swimming pool!

Pegs said...

how can you tell, Rona?