Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pegs and Something Pink

And the dinner is finally a wrapped! A great big pat on the back for Grace Yong for pulling this together. Although not everyone was there, but in attendance where near to 1,000 alumni ranging from graduating year of 1949 to 2010!

It is REALLY something pink! Just look at the photo from a dear friend and an amazing photographer, Andy Kho.
In the end I just didn't continue working on the 'doily' and I had to come up with a quick solution last minute. I bought some leather straps in pink while out with Gette, 2 days before the reunion dinner.
So, I twisted it into the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon like at the back of the dinner ticket ... and voila, "Pegs and Something Pink" clipped to my knitwear.
Here's another wonderful picture by Andy, with Wendy. I did end up wearing a cheongsam top in pink underneath my knit. I do think this is a subtler approach than the doily on the head. ;)

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