Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Borneo Boy asked me to make him a mask for our PAMSC BTS Gala Dinner.

What are the chances one would get to pressed aluminum foil up on the face of the president of an architect's association at a charity auction dinner with lots of who's-who?

Sure! Why not ...

At the Habitat for Humanity charity dinner, I traced and contoured the profile of CW's face with an aluminum foil & marker pen that I brought from home. Forgot to get someone to take a photo of me doing it in the middle of the dinner. But this is the photo of the aluminum foil (after) on the the dining table; and after I applied on the strips of masking tape.To hold CW's mask in place, I tied in the transparent rubber band I used for beading, on both sides of the mask. And here's the both of us. CW sprayed finished the mask with white and added the tear himself after I handed him the mask. That's some DIY effort there!Now, either my nose is not in the middle of my face, or the mask is not centered.

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