Friday, April 24, 2009

Juice-y Couture Handbag

With all this over-rated hype over fancy schmancy over-pricey Juicy Couture accessories, I'll show you my very own ... JUICE-Y Couture Handbag Spring/Summer 2008!This is a crafting project I did back in March 2008. And since then there were requests for tutorials but I have not gotten around making another one, so I am going to illustrate and explain.

In my case, I used 4 identically sized carton boxes. For a wider bag, you can opt for 5 or more, and for a narrower bag, you can use 3 or even 2 cartons. Open up the seal at the top carefully by hand and remove the plastic cap (if any).Prepare 3 Types, as illustrated:
Type 1 : End - 3 sided with 1" flap and punched holes along one side;
Type 2 : Intermediate - 2 sided with 1" flap and punched holes along both; and
Type 3 : End - 3 sided, no extra flaps and only punched holes along one side.

Cut of the the top part, leaving about 1" from the crease line. At the side flaps, measure and mark a stretch of approximately 20mm spaced points. At the marked points, use the hole puncher and make a hole.(Tips: For evenly spaced openings and uniformity, use a separate cardboard strip and punch the holes evenly along it. Then overlay the strip on all the flaps and traced the holes onto it with marker.)

Fold the top flaps inwards.Here, we'll 'stitch' it all together. Using backstitch, I stringed up the carton boxes with 1 pair of orange and 1 pair of yellow shoelaces to string. You can choose your own color to match the graphics on the carton boxes. Start from the 2nd hole from the top.

1 ...2 ...3 ...As for the rings for the strap, they were a total of 4 aluminum can tabs. Close-up like so ...Here's another look!


Borneoboy said...

HiPegs.Love the Juicy Handbag.You could also make Milky handbags and Milo handbags.If you can find Campbell Soup in cartons, you could do an Andy Warhol Special Edition Campbell Soup handbag. I think they area available at Cold Storage ! :)

Pegs said...

REALLY CW??? Got Campbell soup cartons?! I am going to Cold Storage tomorrow! :D

Priscilla said...

I like your bag! You should consider setting up a stall at a shopping mall or something! You'll definitely not bump into someone else with the same bag!!