Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Time in Perth

Just returned from my Perth trip.  Most of my activities there revolved around the family.  We hadn't spent a lot of time bonding as a family for a long time, especially when my sis & bro-in-law now lives in Perth.  I like the casual & 'no-rush' schedule; afterall, it's supposed to be a 'holiday'.  So with all the family outings, I didn't find time to hangout with friends.  I might have to make another trip for that then (now, that's a valid reason to return).

Family outings included sis & mom's birthday lunch buffet at Burswood, shopping for outdoor stuff with the husband, bro's graduation at UWA, double dates with husband's cousin, sis's house-warming-birthday celebration, hiking with family at Lesmurdie Falls, etc. etc. etc.

Here are some sketches I did when there is extra time to kill.
brunch at Tarts with the family after a walk at Hyde Park
afternoon drive to Cottlesloe while shopping for outdoor gears
waiting at Whitfeld Court, in front of Winthrop Hall 
pipe organs in Winthrop Hall
keeping myself busy during my bro's convocation at Winthrop Hall, UWA 


Jerome said...

Peggy, you're really good with sketches."Brunch at Tarts" is my favorite.. thanks for sharing..

Pegs said...

Thanks Jerome! I like it too. My attempt to layer it for the transparent effect of the window. Glad u like it... ;)