Thursday, July 9, 2009

Current Issue : Face Mask with Bling

Made another face mask ... flashier ... ;P
I added a little bit of sequins on the fabric. Here's a close-up on the details ... check out the original post with full tutorial, here.


Alpheia said...

Hi Peg,

Thank you very much for the Thai pants/ wrap pants pattern you published on your blog 12.01.09. The instructions were clear and the pattern you made is no nonsense super! I have made my own pair of Thai pants with some modifications of my own, lengthening the legs and creating front and back seams/cuts to the original pattern. I saw your comments on the creations page in BurdaStyledotcom and I followed the link to your blog. I really enjoy your blog.


Pegs said...

Hi Diana :)

Glad you enjoyed my blog. You made my day! I enjoy sharing what I do, especially craft related & recycling (when I can). You should share your creations too! :D


Anonymous said...

Quick question, what did you use for the ear loops? Is it elastic or some other material? Thank you also for the pattern and idea, I am making some for a dear friend that had a double lung transplant and she wants to finally travel outside and without the reminder of a hospital mask!

Pegs said...

dear anonymous,

try checking out the full tutorial here

and, I hope your fren recovers soon. It's really nice of you to make those masks for you. good luck!