Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shiny Cute Xmas Tree

With a combination of can tabs from Heineken cans (green), Tiger can (gold) and regular soft drink cans (silver), I made a shiny cute xmas tree, of good-ole recycled goodness!!!

Armed with a metallic green flower arrangement wire and a pair of wire cutter, I'm on the way.
I started with the bottom ring of 12 green tabs. Then, the one on top, with 11 tabs. Gradually, 10 tabs, 9 tabs, until it got to the top, with 6 tabs. I secured those rings together with wires at 3 points per layer, cut to 1 inch each.
Every (well, most) Xmas tree needs a feature on top. So I made a gold 'star' of 6 tabs (5 gold & 1 green) as shown in the picture.
I only created 2 rows of silver as accents to the trees, which I preferred it to be predominantly green!I used a total of 48 green tabs, 16 silver tabs and 5 gold tabs. Now, all you have to do is drink up (or collect) at least almost 3 cartons of beer and soft drinks and you can have yourself a metallic tiny Xmas tree too!!!


1 comment:

cal81 said...

wah, very unique project indeed... should be able to gather all the raw materials to make one from one night of drinking outing... hahah! =p
Happy new year, peggy!